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Humane Ways Of Removing Pesky Gophers From Your Yard

Gophers are destructive to flowers, lawns, and gardens. They may look like innocent little teddy bear like creatures, but they are considered to be garden pests. If you have gophers taking over your backyard, you will need to try to remove them if you do not want to lose your precious vegetation. Here are some ways that you can use to deter or trap gophers:

Use The Power Of Sound

You can use a small radio to try to scare gophers into leaving the premises. Small transistor radios can be purchased relatively inexpensively. Turn on a radio to a local channel so it gets good reception and turn the volume up as far as it will go. Put it inside a plastic bag so that it does not get wet when it rains. Place it inside a gopher hole in your backyard. You will be surprised when you notice all of a sudden the gophers are gone.

Scare Them With Glass

Place some colored glass jars or bottles into gopher holes. Blue and green are the colors that will give off the most reflection. The color of the glass is disturbing to gophers. The reflection that they will see when they get near the glass will scare them, as well.

Spray Your Vegetation

You can use a mixture of cayenne pepper, garlic and peppermint oil and spray it on your plants and vegetables. It will not hurt anything growing. Gophers dislike the smell of this and will leave the property if they must deal with it daily. You can use the same mixture and dip cotton balls into it and throw them down inside the gopher holes in your yard.

Trapping Gophers

If you need to get more aggressive in your attack plan, you can purchase gopher traps online or from a hunting equipment supplier. These are baited with peanut butter or cheese and are placed into the gopher holes to try to catch them. When putting these inside of the holes, wear gloves. Gophers can smell the scent of a human on the cage and will stay away from it if you did not cover up before placing it.

The traps will have a small door that shuts if the gopher takes the bait. Check your traps each day to see if you have caught a gopher. If you have, remove the trap and let the gopher run free in a wooded area, preferably far away from your home. If you need more help or have other questions, contact a company like Heritage Pest Control for more information.