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Bee Hive Removal And Relocation - Why It Is Important To Keep Bees Alive

If you notice a bee nest on the exterior of your home, then you may want to have the nest removed as soon as possible. In your quest for speedy removal, you may think about purchasing insecticides to kill the majority of the bees that you see. However, it is a much better idea to contact a pest control specialist who can actually remove the beehive with the bees. This will help to make sure that a new colony does not form in the old hive. There are a variety of other reasons why this is ideal as well, and the protection of the bees is one very important one.

The Importance of Bees

Bees have often been seen as a common nuisance to many homeowners who want to enjoy their homes and lawns without the threat of being stung by a bee. However, bees are actually incredibly important insects when it comes to the growth of flowers and other plants. Specifically, bees help to move pollen from one plant to another, and this pollen works its way into the stigma of the plant and a seed is able to then form.

Bees and Crops

Not only does this help flowers grow, but it also helps crops form. This means that bees help grow fruits and vegetables. This is of great importance for food items like blueberries, cherries, broccoli, apples, almonds, asparagus, and a variety of other fruits and vegetables. Right now, the world is struggling to meet the nutritional needs of the people on this planet. Fruits and vegetables are the largest sources of these needs, and the world actually needs to double its agricultural production within the next 30 to 40 years to feed everyone. This will be a difficult task, and without the pollination assistance of bees, it will likely be impossible. 

Bees Are in Trouble

You may think that it will not do much harm to the ecosystem as a whole if you eliminate one bee colony from your property. However, one bee hive or colony can hold as many as 50,000 to 60,000 bees, and the majority of these insects are worker bees that collect nectar and pollinate. These bees will work in an area that extends about three to five miles from the hive. This means that a single colony may be responsible for pollinating tens or even hundreds of thousands of plants, since each worker bee will need to visit many flowers in a single day. This assistance will likely continue, since the hive removed from your property will be delivered to a bee keeper in the area.

Disappearing Bees

Not only will you be able to help the crops grown near your home, but you will also be doing your part to save the honey bees. Honey bees have been disappearing in the United States since 2006, and researchers have seen healthy hives becoming empty, seemingly overnight. A combination of factors are likely responsible for the decline. Pesticides used on crops to stop invasive bug species from destroying the plants and mites that target bee hives are two possible reasons for the decline. Viruses that affect bees may be a factor in the elimination of a complete bee colony in a short period of time too. 

Bees must be protected, due to the many reasons why they seem to be disappearing from this country, and this means safely removing them from your property instead of killing the insects. As you can see, honey bees are far too beneficial for them to be killed without much thought, so make sure to hire a professional who knows how to transfer the hive and the colony to a new location without harming the insects. 

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