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4 Humane Ways To Deal With Your Mouse Infestation

If you have mice in your home but you feel squeamish about snap traps or poison, you're in luck. There are other options. Trying to brainstorm humane ways to get rid of mice? Try some of these ideas.

1. Get a Cat

An effective mouser can easily get rid of several mice. The process is undoubtedly unpleasant for the mice, but it's completely natural. Before you let the circle of life take care of your mouse problem, however, make sure that the cat is neutered. One island in Japan brought in cats to take care of their mice issues, and the mice all got eaten, but the cats multiplied to the point that they now outnumber humans on the island.

If you're not ready to get a cat, ask one of your neighbors if you can have some used kitty litter. Pour a bit of this near any spots where you think the mice may be entering the home. The odor of cats can be effective at scaring mice away.

2. Use a Sonar Machine

If you don't want a cat and dealing with old litter is too gross for you, consider looking for a sonar machine. You can order these online or in the pest control section of many large hardware stores. You plug the machine into a wall, and it emits sonar waves. You can't hear them, but mice can, and the sounds drive them away.

3. Catch and Release the Mice

Unfortunately, the pied piper sounds of a sonar machine aren't always effective, or, even if the mice want to leave, they may not be able to find a passageway back to the cold outdoors. In these cases, you may want to try a catch-and-release trap. Depending on the trap you buy, multiple mice can fit inside of it.

Then, when the trap is full, you can release the mice into the wild. Don't release the mice in your backyard — they will come right back. Go somewhere relatively far from your home such as a natural area, a rain drainage field, or a park that's not near houses. Then, let the little critters go.

4. Try Essential Oils

Peppermint essential oil can also work as a natural mouse deterrent. Splash a bit of this essential oil near where you've seen the mice or where you suspect they are. If you decide to fill holes with steel wool and expanding foam, you should also put a cotton ball drenched in peppermint oil in the middle of the patch. That can give your home extra resistance to mice.

If you require professional assistance with eradicating your mouse problem, contact a pest control company like Be There Pest Control.