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A Few Ways To Kill Bed Bugs

There is nothing like finding out that you have bed bugs. It can often be very tough to know that you have a problem, but if you continually have bug bites that are red and itchy, but are not outside often, then you most likely have bed bugs. You may also notice that the bites are in a line, or follow the outline of your underwear. Getting rid of the bed bug problem is very important because the bed bugs can actually move to other areas of your home. Here are a few different ways that you can stop and kill bed bugs:


A very easy way to kill your bed bugs is through washing and drying your clothes and linens. However, it is most important that you prepare your clothes and linens properly. You need to get everything that you are going to wash and stick it in a plastic bag. The plastic bag will keep the little bed bugs from jumping off onto your couch or another part of your home. Then be sure that you wash with hot water, and put in the dryer on high for at least thirty minutes. The heat can kill the bed bugs.

Diatomaceous Earth

Another way that you can kill the little beasts is by using diatomaceous earth. This is a silica shell of a tiny algae, and it is extremely small. The silica crystal is on the size of microns, but it is also very sharp. The diatomaceous earth should be sprinkled all over the infested area. Diatomaceous earth will cut into the bed bugs and break their exoskeleton and lipid layer. This will cause the bed bug to dehydrate and die. Let he diatomaceous earth sit for a few days and then be sure to vacuum really well. 

Pest Control

If you are having trouble getting a handle on the bed bug infestation, or it has moved to more than just a few rooms in your home, then it may be time to hire a professional pest control service. The pest control technician will cone into your home with a purpose, and they will be able to execute a plan that will get rid of the bed bugs. Not only the bed bugs but any other type of bug that has been prowling your home. When looking at potential services, be sure to pick the company that has a work guarantee. 

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