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Found Mouse Droppings In Your Home? Clean It Up With These Tips

If you find small brown pellets that resemble grains of rice on your home, you probably have a mouse problem. Although mice are sneaky pests, they can give themselves away by leaving behind piles of feces and trails of smelly urine. Mice droppings contain parasites and other dangerous pathogens, so it's essential that clean your home now. In addition to working with a rodent pest control service, here's why you should clean your home thoroughly and how. 

Why It's Important to Clean Your Home Thoroughly?

The feces and urine of mice can be toxic to people with allergies or weakened immune systems. Some people may even develop allergies and allergic reactions to rodent droppings and other body tissues, including children and older adults. The allergic reactions can be severe, depending on the person' age and overall health state.

In addition, mice are known to carry and spread hantavirus and other infectious diseases. If someone touches a contaminated surface and forgets to wash their hands, they can accidentally introduce an infectious organism into their body. 

You can prevent the health problems above, by giving your home a thorough cleaning.

How Do You Clean Your Home?

You'll need to take certain precautions when cleaning up your kitchen and home. Always wear utility gloves and protective goggles during your cleaning. If you suffer from allergies, wear a nasal mask to keep contaminants out of your respiratory system. 

You also want to spray or mop the contaminated surfaces in your home with disinfectant or bleach instead of vacuum or sweep them. The dust in your home can pick up and harbor the contaminants found in rodent droppings and urine. If the dust goes airborne, it can spread disease around your home.

If you find rodent feces on your bedding, clothing, or curtains, wash these items in hot water. You can steam clean any items that require special care, such as upholstery and delicate fabrics. Discard any items you can clean properly, as they can harbor infectious organisms and diseases. 

You may find a nesting site during your cleaning. If you do, remove it immediately. Mice tend to build nests out of shredded paper, strings, and other soft debris. Place the nests in large trash bags and discard them immediately. 

After you clean your home, contact a rodent pest control company for additional help. Pest control can go through your home and secure the locations that allowed mice to invade your space in the first place.

To learn more about the dangers of mouse droppings and urine, contact pest control for services today.