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Two Options For Getting Rid Of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are named such because they are attracted to and frequently found near fruit and other sweet substances (e.g. spilled soda). Although they're relatively harmless, they can be unbelievably annoying to have in your home, particularly in the summertime when they tend to be more active. If you're currently dealing with a fruit fly infestation, here are a couple of ways you can deal with the problem.

Set Up Traps

It can be very challenging to completely eliminate all the fruit flies in the home, especially if your purchase fruit on a regular basis. They tend to plant their eggs in fruit, capable of developing into adults within a week, and can live for up to 45 days. Therefore, your best option may be to minimize the number of fruit flies in your home, which you can do by setting up traps for them.

Essentially traps attract the flies, and they either drown in a liquid or starve to death because they can't get out of the trap to obtain sustenance.

There are several different types available in stores, or you can make your own at home. For instance, mix a couple of tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of sugar, and a little bit of dish soap in a bowl full of water and place in the area where the fruit flies tend to congregate. The flies will be attracted to the sweet smell of the sugar and die when they touch the soapy water.

Be sure to account for pets and children in the home when setting up traps to avoid an unfortunate accidental poisoning.

Thoroughly Clean Drains

Although fruit flies are typically attracted by fruit and other sweet substances, they have also been known to breed in drains where food matter tends to accumulate, particularly if the drain isn't used that often. If you notice fruit flies congregating or emanating from a particular drain, use a cleaning product to strip the gunk that is sticking to sides of the plumbing and providing a breeding ground for the pests.

Be sure the cleaning product is one that will stay in the drain long enough to dissolve the built up gunk inside. You can use bleach to kill the fruit flies. However, this liquid is too thin to stick around long to eliminate the underlying problem, which may result in another fruit fly infestation. Alternatively, you can have a plumber clean your drains for you if the gunk seems too stubborn for a regular over-the-counter cleaner.

For advice about or assistance with fruit flies or other pests, contact a local pest control company.