Choosing The Right Pest Control Products

Understanding Why Fly Infestations Are An Issue

For many people, it is extremely stressful to share the home with pests. Pests are not only bothersome. They can also create sanitation and disease issues. For this reason, you should always try to get rid of pests as soon as they pop up. While you may not see flies as pests, they absolutely are and should be removed. Keep reading to understand a few reasons why.

They Spread Pathogens

It may not come as a shock to learn that flies can spread pathogens. However, it is may be shocking to understand that they can spread hundreds of different microorganisms. Flies are known to spread somewhere around 65 different diseases, like tuberculosis and typhoid fever. This means they are often responsible for disease outbreaks all over the world. 

The reason for the pathogen spreading is the simple fact that flies eat, land on, and lay eggs in fecal matter. They also land frequently on moist and decaying matter, and these are places where microorganisms like bacteria thrive. 

While you would not expect an outbreak of cholera of typhoid fever in the United States, you may contract a dangerous salmonella or staph infection. These infections occur as the fly lands and directly transfers microbes to the landing surface. This can be really bad if the fly lands on your food or a utensil you are using to eat with.

There Are Thousands Of Species

Most people know about the common house fly, but there are actually thousands of different species of flies across the United States. There are also flies in every area of the world, except for the most frozen areas along the ice caps. This means that you need to be worried about much more than just a simple black or house fly infestation. Blow, bottle, drain, and hunchbacked flies are all an issue as well. You also may see some issues with gnats and other smaller fly species.

Not only are there numerous species, but a single pair of flies can and will produce a million or more eggs within a single lifetime. This can greatly exacerbate the issue, especially in areas where temperatures are warm for the majority of the year. 

Limiting access to your home is vital in keeping fly infestations under control. If you already have an issue in or around your home, then speak with a local pest control company like American Pest Control Inc. This individual can control the infestation and also give you advice on stopping future issues.