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Three Ways To Keep Fleas Out Of Your Home

Fleas are a common pest that can easily enter your home undetected on the backs of your pets. Fleas are especially vicious in that they can carry a number of diseases, and are often too small to identify immediately – until they've managed to bite you several times. Due to their small size, it can be hard to notice a flea problem until it's already become widespread. Therefore, the best way to end a flea infestation is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. The following are three steps that you can take to reduce the likelihood of fleas finding their way into your house.

Landscape Care

Since your pets likely spend a great deal of time in your yard, and your pets are the primary vehicle that fleas will use to get into your home, the most effective way to keep fleas out of your home is to keep them out of your yard as well. In order to make your backyard less attractive to fleas, you should keep your grass trimmed short and your bushes and shrubs trimmed back to reduce the amount of livable space for flea populations. You should also install fencing around your yard if you have not already done so to discourage wild animals from entering your yard, as fleas can often find their way into your yard on the backs of wildlife.

Interior Cleaning

In addition to keeping your yard clean, you should take the same effort to clean the interior of your home to kill any existing fleas, remove their eggs, and reduce the amount of potential livable space for future fleas. General vacuuming should be enough for carpeting, furniture, and other soft areas that could represent potential sites of flea populations – though for a deeper cleaning, you could also use a steam cleaner. Be sure to pay special attention to any areas of your home where your pet may spend a significant amount of time.


Beyond keeping your yard and house as clean as possible, another extremely effective way to reduce the risk of fleas getting into your home is to keep your pets neatly groomed. Trimmed fur is much less hospitable for fleas than heavy fur. Further the neater look of your pet will also make it easier to spot any fleas which do manage to hitch a ride, so that you can treat your pet to a flea bath before the flea can breed.  

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