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What You Should Know About Dealing With Silverfish

When homeowner's imagine dealing with pests, their mind often goes to ants, termites, and cockroaches. However, silverfish can be equally invasive and annoying. Silverfish are active when it is dark outside, which is why they hide in the daytime. You often don't realize there is a silverfish infestation until you move an item and see the silverfish move from underneath it. If you have silverfish in your home, know the following things about dealing with them.

Silverfish Like Damp Conditions

Your home has a greater chance of attracting silverfish to it if it has high humidity or damp areas within the structure. That it why it is important to repair and leaks from faucets or drains to keep your home dry all the time. However, silverfish may still find a way into a home if they travel through a bag that gets carried inside. This is similar to how bed bugs can enter a home, even if the living conditions are very clean.

Silverfish Like Fabrics and Paper

Of all the items in your home, it is common for silverfish to be drawn to paper and any type of natural fabric. They are attracted to items like your books that have a glue binding, and can create a significant amount of damage. If silverfish find their way into a box with family photos or paper documents, they can easily be ruined.

If you have silverfish in your home, move important documents to tightly sealed containers. Even if there are papers that are not important that are left out, they can easily become a hiding place for silverfish during the daytime. You should take steps to reduce the clutter in your home to eliminate these hiding places, and reduce the potential food sources.

Home Remedies May Not Work

If you search online for home remedies to remove silverfish, you may find that they are not very effective. For example, cinnamon can repel silverfish from one area, but this spice won't eliminate them or cause them not to breed. It will just move the silverfish from one room to another. Traps can catch stray silverfish, but they won't stop the infestation from growing.

You are better off hiring a professional exterminator, such as from Green's Pest Management, to remove the infestation once and for all. They will use pesticides that will kill the silverfish, seal up any cracks in your foundation that they may have entered through, and do what it takes to prevent them from ever coming back.