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What Do You Do About The Birds Roosting In Your Warehouse?

Your warehouse's success depends on many things, including a clean work environment and happy employees. But if birds of prey, pigeons, sparrows, and numerous birds roost in your warehouse, it can wreak havoc throughout your building. You can keep birds from roosting in your warehouse with the information and humane tips below.

Why Do Birds Roost in Your Warehouse?

If you're like most warehouses, you leave your entrances open during the day. Open entrances make it easier to load your trucks and move your products. Birds, such as pigeons and sparrows, can use the openings to enter your building. Most of the invading pests will fly up to the highest points in your warehouse and roost. Roosting birds can become serious problems if they decide to take up permanent residence in the ceiling and rafters of your warehouse.

Bird droppings and feathers can carry pathogens that may harm your workers and products, particularly food items. If feathers and dried feces float down from the building's rafters, the debris can coat the surfaces of your workstations and production lines. Using regular cleaning methods such as dusting can make the problem even worse. Feathers and dried feces may become airborne in your building if you sweep or vacuum them incorrectly. 

To remove and keep the roosting birds out of your warehouse, contact a pest control provider.

How Do You Rid Your Warehouse of Birds?

Pest control contractors will need to know what type of birds are in your warehouse before they take action. If you have raptors and other protected birds in the building, pest control contractors will need to take precautions during the removal process. The federal government and other entities protects many types of birds from trapping, killing, and other methods. Even the feathers of some birds are protected. 

After your warehouse is free of roosting birds, pest control can place commercial bird netting over the rafters to keep new birds out. The nets safely prevent birds from landing onto your rafters and roosting. Some pest control contractors place spikes on rafters and other surfaces. Both of these bird control methods may work for you.

If you still find birds in your warehouse, contact pest control for additional services. You may need to place netting on your dock and door entrances. Pest control may also place nets and spikes on your building's roof to deter birds from roosting. 

For more information about the birds roosting in your warehouse, call a pest control company today, like Landmark Bird Control.