Choosing The Right Pest Control Products

Commercial Pest Management For Food Service Businesses

If you own a restaurant or other food service business, then you know how important it is to maintain your good reputation. If your food business is infested with cockroaches, flies, ants, silverfish, mice, or rats, your reputation will suffer, and the health and welfare of your employees, vendors, and other visitors may be jeopardized.

You may also risk a hefty fine from your city's health inspector, and if the situation is not resolved, your business might get shut down. Here are some effective methods of pest control that will help keep insects and rodents out of your place of business.

Educate Your Employees

It is essential that your food handlers, supervisors, and other staff members learn about the risks of pest infestation. Teach your employees how to identify signs of pest infestation, such as small shells laying on the floor, near drains, and under sinks, as well as the presence of insect eggs, small nests, and rodent droppings. 

Your staff also needs to keep everything in the food areas as clean and dry as possible. Your food mixers and processors also need to be cleaned and dried after each use, and the lids on your outdoor dumpsters and indoor trash cans need to be secure. If you have a commercial grease trap or interceptor under your sink, it needs to be cleaned regularly because the odors can attract pests. 

Conduct Monthly Pest Inspections

One of the most important things you can do to keep your food service business free from pests is to conduct monthly inspections by a commercial pest management professional. If necessary, you may have to schedule more frequent inspections if the infestation is severe.

In addition to checking for evidence of pest infestation, your pest management professional will also check your building for integrity problems such as holes or other access areas where pests can enter your facility.

If openings are found, you will be required to repair them quickly in accordance with your local building and health departments. Your ventilation system may also need to be inspected for evidence of pest infestation.

If pests, rodent carcasses, or animal droppings are found in your air ducts or other parts of your ventilation system, dangerous particles may blow into your business every time your air conditioner or furnace is turned on.

To keep your food service business free from pests, schedule regular commercial pest management inspections. Doing so not only helps keep your staff and customers safe and healthy, but it may also be required by law. Contact a company like American Pest Professionals for more information.