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2 Tips For Decreasing The Number Of Mosquitoes Around Your House

You may enjoy spending time outside working in your flowerbed or hosting a barbecue. However, what you may not enjoy is getting dozens of mosquito bites every time you venture outdoors. If you would like to decrease the number of mosquitoes flying around your home, try using the tips below to discourage the growth of the population.

1.  Get Rid of as Much Standing Water Around Your Home as Possible

One major way you can put a dent in the mosquito population that is swarming around your house is to get rid of as much standing water around the perimeter as possible. When mosquitoes reproduce and lay eggs, they need stagnant water that does not ripple or move too often for the eggs to hatch into larvae.

Look around the outside of your house to see if you find any containers that are collecting water, such as flower pots, old cans, or bottles. Throw away anything that you do not need, and turn over any containers that you do. As far as flower pots, make sure they have sufficient drainage to keep them from collecting water.

You should also take a look at your gutters and clean them out if they are full of leaves and other debris. When they get clogged up, the water has no place to go and they become a perfect mosquito incubator. 

2.  Add Coffee Grounds to Unavoidable Areas of Standing Water

If you have areas in your yard or on your deck that collect water which is unavoidable, add coffee grounds to the water or sprinkle them inside of the containers, including the drainage trays for your flower pots. While coffee grounds do not harm plants and can actually help some varieties by providing fertilizer, the grounds' flavor and smell are distasteful to mosquitoes.

After you finish brewing your coffee, collect the coffee grounds in an old container. Then, after a rainstorm passes through, look for areas of collected water that cannot be easily removed and add a small handful of the ground to each container. You may need to repeat this after heavy rains, as the grounds may wash out of the containers.

Even if you use the above tips, the mosquito population around your house may be so large that you are still bothered by them every time you venture outside in the evening. Contact a mosquito control service company for help with preventing and keeping the annoying biting insects away from your home and household members.