Keep Those Bugs Away From My BBQ: 4 Tips For Enjoying Pest-Free Summer Barbecues

It wouldn't be summer without backyard barbecues. It's a great time to take advantage of the good weather and grill your favorite outdoor foods. Barbecuing can also help keep your house cooler since you don't have to fire up the oven indoors. There's only one drawback: bugs. Everything from ants to mosquitos will smell the food and head towards it. This can make for unhygienic cooking conditions and an uncomfortable eating environment. [Read More]

4 Humane Ways To Deal With Your Mouse Infestation

If you have mice in your home but you feel squeamish about snap traps or poison, you're in luck. There are other options. Trying to brainstorm humane ways to get rid of mice? Try some of these ideas. 1. Get a Cat An effective mouser can easily get rid of several mice. The process is undoubtedly unpleasant for the mice, but it's completely natural. Before you let the circle of life take care of your mouse problem, however, make sure that the cat is neutered. [Read More]

Effective Methods For Eradicating Bedbugs From Your Home And Keeping Them From Returning

Unlike having a home pest issue that can be fixed by straightening up and getting rid of clutter alone, bedbugs can only be removed with persistent, targeted treatments. These blood-sucking insects can enter your home by various means, from hitching a ride on the clothing of visitors to crawling in through a neighboring apartment. And when they make themselves at home in your bed, couch, dresser, electrical outlets, rugs and even ceilings, they're intent on sticking around for the long haul. [Read More]

Tom And Jerry, I Side With Tom... Lets Get Rid Of These Mice

Finding a rodent's fecal pellets is always a little bit unnerving, and should never be taken lightly. If you find fecal pellets in your home the time to act is right now. The reason that it is such an important situation to be in is because the fecal pellets of a mouse can carry many diseases and viruses, one of which is Hantavirus which can be deadly. So, if you find fecal pellets in your home make sure that you do not hesitate to get rid of the problem. [Read More]