4 Things Homeowners Need To Know About Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers don't get as much press as more well-known pests like raccoons and skunks, but they're still a problem animal for homeowners. Woodpeckers are a nuisance and can cause a lot of damage to the exterior of your home. Here are four things you need to know about these pests. What do woodpeckers look like? Woodpeckers are often thought of as a single type of bird, but they're actually a group of birds. [Read More]

College Can Introduce Your Child To A Lot Of Things, Including Bedbugs

If you have a child getting ready to return to college, or go to college for the first time, you have probably worked hard to ensure they are prepared for this experience. Unfortunately, there may be one more thing you need to teach them prior to them leaving home. You need to make sure they know how to identify bed bugs, as well as know what to do if they encounter them in their dorm rooms, friends' apartments, or hotel rooms they may occupy while they are gone. [Read More]

Humane Ways Of Removing Pesky Gophers From Your Yard

Gophers are destructive to flowers, lawns, and gardens. They may look like innocent little teddy bear like creatures, but they are considered to be garden pests. If you have gophers taking over your backyard, you will need to try to remove them if you do not want to lose your precious vegetation. Here are some ways that you can use to deter or trap gophers: Use The Power Of Sound [Read More]