Understanding Why Fly Infestations Are An Issue

For many people, it is extremely stressful to share the home with pests. Pests are not only bothersome. They can also create sanitation and disease issues. For this reason, you should always try to get rid of pests as soon as they pop up. While you may not see flies as pests, they absolutely are and should be removed. Keep reading to understand a few reasons why. They Spread Pathogens

Two Options For Getting Rid Of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are named such because they are attracted to and frequently found near fruit and other sweet substances (e.g. spilled soda). Although they're relatively harmless, they can be unbelievably annoying to have in your home, particularly in the summertime when they tend to be more active. If you're currently dealing with a fruit fly infestation, here are a couple of ways you can deal with the problem. Set Up Traps

Handling Snake Infestations In And Around Your Home

A stray snake wandering into your home can be dealt with easily by contacting a pest control expert or animal control. An infestation of snakes, on the other hand, may require some additional work on your part. Here are a few things you can do if you suspect you have a snake problem. Keep Your Lawn Neatly Trimmed Snakes may nest in your home, but they will venture out to obtain food.

Found Mouse Droppings In Your Home? Clean It Up With These Tips

If you find small brown pellets that resemble grains of rice on your home, you probably have a mouse problem. Although mice are sneaky pests, they can give themselves away by leaving behind piles of feces and trails of smelly urine. Mice droppings contain parasites and other dangerous pathogens, so it's essential that clean your home now. In addition to working with a rodent pest control service, here's why you should clean your home thoroughly and how.

Two Signs That You May Have Bed Bugs In Your Home

Unlike other crazy critters that you may see around your home, bed bugs are the kinds of insects that can easily go unnoticed. These pesky insects burrow down into the fibers of your mattress and can seem nearly invisible to the naked eye. However, although you might not actually see the bed bugs themselves, they nearly always leave behind a few markers of their presence. You could be dealing with the aftermath that they leave without even knowing it.

A Few Ways To Kill Bed Bugs

There is nothing like finding out that you have bed bugs. It can often be very tough to know that you have a problem, but if you continually have bug bites that are red and itchy, but are not outside often, then you most likely have bed bugs. You may also notice that the bites are in a line, or follow the outline of your underwear. Getting rid of the bed bug problem is very important because the bed bugs can actually move to other areas of your home.

Chinch Bugs: Don't Let These Pests Take Over Your Lawn

If you're struggling to keep your thirsty lawn healthy this summer, the last thing you want to face is an outdoor bug infestation. One of the pests you may battle this year is the chinch bug. Chinch bugs can attack almost any kind of grass, including ryegrass and St. Augustine grass. You can prevent the complete destruction of your lawn with the information, helpful tips, and precautions below. How Do You Recognize Chinch Bugs?

Keep Those Bugs Away From My BBQ: 4 Tips For Enjoying Pest-Free Summer Barbecues

It wouldn't be summer without backyard barbecues. It's a great time to take advantage of the good weather and grill your favorite outdoor foods. Barbecuing can also help keep your house cooler since you don't have to fire up the oven indoors. There's only one drawback: bugs. Everything from ants to mosquitos will smell the food and head towards it. This can make for unhygienic cooking conditions and an uncomfortable eating environment.

4 Humane Ways To Deal With Your Mouse Infestation

If you have mice in your home but you feel squeamish about snap traps or poison, you're in luck. There are other options. Trying to brainstorm humane ways to get rid of mice? Try some of these ideas. 1. Get a Cat An effective mouser can easily get rid of several mice. The process is undoubtedly unpleasant for the mice, but it's completely natural. Before you let the circle of life take care of your mouse problem, however, make sure that the cat is neutered.

Effective Methods For Eradicating Bedbugs From Your Home And Keeping Them From Returning

Unlike having a home pest issue that can be fixed by straightening up and getting rid of clutter alone, bedbugs can only be removed with persistent, targeted treatments. These blood-sucking insects can enter your home by various means, from hitching a ride on the clothing of visitors to crawling in through a neighboring apartment. And when they make themselves at home in your bed, couch, dresser, electrical outlets, rugs and even ceilings, they're intent on sticking around for the long haul.